Publication Instructions

  1. The article should have not been published before & is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  2. A letter signed by all authors should be sent with the title of the paper, the name & address of the authors should be submitted on separate sheet identifying the authors (full names in English & Arabic, degrees & addresses).
  3. Manuscript should be sent to the editorial manager in three copies, type written, double spaced with a margin of 2.5 cm wide on both sides of an A4 paper .
  4. The manuscript should begin in a new page according to the following sequence:
    • Abstract: in English and Arabic of not more than 150 words both typed  separately.
    • Introduction: state a review of related work done before.
    • Materials and methods: selection of subjects, identification of methods, chemicals used  and includes statistical analysis when appropriate.
    • Results: presented with tables and illustrations, should be drawn & typed carefully and  clearly on separate pages.
    • Discussion: relate the new aspect of the study to other relevant studies.
    • References: should be typed on a separate page and arranged numerically according to their sequence in the text. Journals should be written as follows:
      • Name of authors, title of article, Journal’s name, year, volume, page number.
      • Books should be written as follows:
      • Name of authors, name of the book, edition, editor (publisher), place of publication, year, and the first & last page of the chapter.

5.   Each manuscript is referred to two specialists in the field of the subject concerned.

6.   The authors will receive proof of the paper to be corrected according to the opinion of the referees. Corrected manuscript (two copies with a floppy disc) should be returned together as soon as possible.

7. Mailing address: Baghdad, Hay Al-Qadissia, P.O. Box 14070

Manuscripts should be addressed to: