Volume 14, Issue 1. 2014

Preparation and Evaluation of Oral Microsponge Drug Delivery
System of Ketoconazole

Authors:Ahmed Abbas Hussien

Pages: 1-8


Toxoplasma Seroprevalence in Healthy Voluntary Blood Donors from
Blood Bank of Baghdad

Authors:Aysar, Essam Mahmood*, Zainb, Mohammad Etawi**, Mayssa, Abdul-Latif Ahmed**

Pages: 9-13


The Role of Anti-TNFα Therapy in the Amelioration of Disease Burden in
Patients with Refractory Rheumatoid Arthritis

Authors:Madha Mohammed Sheet*, Laith Abdul-Elah Kamel**, Jamal Nasser Farhood ***

Pages: 14-22


Isolation and Identification of Hyaluronidase Producing Staphylococcus aureus

Authors:Furqan, M. K, Maysaa, Ch. H. and Asmaa A. H.

Pages: 23-28


Alternative Culture Medium for Bacterial Growth Using Chicory Roots Extract.

Authors:Fitua Minuar Aziz

Pages: 29-33


Evaluation Nurses’ Practices toward Application of Apgar Scores for Newly
Born Baby at Delivery Room in Baghdad City

Authors:Suad Hassoon Khudhair, Eqbal Ghanim Ma’ala

Pages: 34-42


Oxidative Stress Induced Histological Changes in Thyroid of Hypothyroidism Patients

Authors:Widad Jumaa Hamid

Pages: 43-51


Enhancing Dissolution of Ibuprofen via Solid Dispersion Using Hydrophilic Carrier and Fast Dissolving Sugars

Authors:Wedad Kamal Ali, Methaq Hamad Sabar, Athmar Dhahir Habeeb,
and Zainb Hassan Mahdi

Pages: 52-61


The Correlation Between Blood Glucose Level and Lipid Profile in Hypothyroid Diabetic Patients in Baghdad

Authors:Nihad Hameed Dawood

Pages: 62-73


Detection of The Antibacterial Activity of Bacteriocin from Local Isolates of Pseudomonas fluorescens Against Gram Positive Bacteria

Authors:Shurooq Rayyis Kadhim

Pages: 74-78


Studying the Effect of LeutiniZing Hormone and Follicular Stimulating Hormone on Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome in Married and in Non-married Women

Authors:Enas Waleed Shakir, Shadha Abdul Jaleel Wafeq, Noor Al-Huda Ali Abid Al Hussen

Pages: 79-84


Antibacterial Activity of Two Iraqi Plants from the Family Pinaceae

Authors:Rasha Eldalawy*, Widad Alani* and Mohammed Al-Araji**

Pages: 85-91


High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for Determination of Ascorbic Acid in Pure Form, Pharmaceutical Formulations, Biological Samples and in Environmental Water Samples

Authors:Nief Rahman Ahmed*, karam Basil**

Pages: 92-98


Modification of Polyvinyl Pyrrolidinone, Chitosan with Paracetamol
As a Drug Carrier Polymer

Authors:Firyal Mohammed Ali*, Luma Amer Musa** and Amany Sabri Younis**

Pages: 99-104


Burning Mouth Syndrome, Relationships with Some Systemic Medications (A clinical study among an Iraqi sample)

Authors:Mehdi A. Al-Rubayee, Sabah M. Damad and Ameena J. Lafta

Pages: 105-110


The Effects of Dexamethasone on Postoperative Complications After Surgical Removal of Impacted Lower Third Molar Teeth

Authors:Haider Ali Rassul*, Ahmad Fliah Hassan**, Athil Adnan Raheem***,
Hajer Ibrahem**

Pages: 111-119


Effect of Supplementation of Withania somnifera L. Roots on Some Blood Physiological Parameters of Japanese Quail HensReared Under High Environmental Temperature

Authors:Suad Khudair Ahmed*, Dhia Khalil Ibrahim* and Shalal Murad Hussain**

Pages: 120-127


Detection of Insertion Sequence ISAba1 Among Clinical Isolates of Carbapenems-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii

Authors:Saad Laiby Hamed

Pages: 128-135


Studying the Incidence of Pseudomonas Species as A Causative Agent of Otitis in Iraqi Patients

Authors:Dawood Salim Edan*, Nahi Yousif Yaseen**

Pages: 136-142


Cytotoxicity–Associated gene (CagA) Producing Helicobacter pylori

Authors: Zena Zaki Saied — Dina Wael Abd* — Ayser Hameed Latif — Noor Hashim Ismail — et al.
Pages: 143-149


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